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Our specialist recruitment team

woman stocktake 208x2082With over two decades of experience spent in recruitment, we have been ideally placed to witness, and learn from, the changing trends in this rapidly developing market. We’ve also seen first-hand the ongoing advancements and changes in the transport and logistics industry.

We understand that the needs of employers and jobseekers have altered over the years, and ensure we are consistently up to date with the latest developments so as to provide relevant and successful recruitment solutions for clients and candidates alike.

Tracey specialises in shipping, freight and logistics, having spent her career thriving at big name, industry specialist recruitment agencies. She has a direct and honest approach, and brings with her a track record of successful placements.

Zoë first entered the industry when she was just 20, and has spent years at the helm of logistics recruitment. With a specialism in airfreight and expertise working for freight forwarders and industry recruiters, she offers a genuine and straightforward recruitment service with a successful history of placing staff to DivalentineCalver’s clients.

Ultimately, after many years working at a number of agencies, we felt the time had come to do recruitment ‘the right way.’ Partnering our skill and experience, we established DivalentineCalver to offer a personal, friendly and human recruitment service, specifically tailored to our specialist industry. We looking forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, working with you.

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Essex: 0203 2430077
Heathrow: 01784 450 111
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