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How to create a distinctive CV

A strong CV is the vital first step towards securing your ideal new role. In an interview, you can instantly make an impression through your appearance or your body language, and even just with your handshake or a smile. But with a CV you are limited to the words on a page.

Your CV is the tool to get you noticed and unlock the door to interview stage, so you need to get it right. It’s a fine balance – play it safe and you risk being overlooked amongst stacks of other applicants, but make it too quirky and strike the wrong chord, and you could join the ‘Reject’ pile far too soon.

Part of our role in securing you an exceptional new position is to provide guidance and support in areas like this. We’ll look through your CV in detail and advise what may need changing for you to make the strongest impact on a potential employer.

But if you need a few expert tips now – perhaps before sending your CV to us and registering – read our DivalentineCalver Decree: Nine steps to an outstanding CV.

  1. Keep it simple. Use a clean layout and easy to read fonts, with black ink, clear headings and consistent spacing. Don’t make a busy HR manager work hard to decipher why you’re right for the role.
  2. Keep it short. Use bullet points to list key roles and responsibilities succinctly. Ideally your CV should be limited to two sides of A4 – unless you have a really good excuse to say more!
  3. Keep it accurate. Poor spelling and grammar appears on every HR manager’s blacklist. Use a spell checker – and ask a friend or family member to proof it for you as well.
  4. Keep it complete. If you have gaps in your employment history, explain why.
  5. Keep it up to date. Dates of employment, qualifications, employer references and your contact details need to be updated on a regular basis.
  6. Keep it honest. It’s very easy to find out if a candidate has mislead an employer – so if your French is more floundering than fluent, please don’t add it to your list of skills.
  7. Keep it engaging. Use your personal profile to add a few lines that set you aside from the competition – but try to avoid standard clichés such as describing yourself as ‘a dynamic problem-solver who works well in a team or independently’ . . .
  8. Keep it confident. The only person who will fight your corner is you. Whilst you don’t want to come across as arrogant, there are ways to promote yourself as a valuable and skilled candidate, in a positive and confident manner. Your CV needs to sell you – and we can help you to communicate this.
  9. Keep it you. Beyond your relevant skills and experience, employers want to know a bit about the person behind the CV. Again, in an interview, it’s far easier to make a personal impression, but there are ways your personality can still shine through in your CV. Talk to us and we’ll help you to be yourself and to make the right impact on an employer.

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