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Find new staff with transport and logistics experience

It’s no secret that finding energetic, dedicated and forward thinking new team members is a huge challenge. By partnering with a recruitment agency that has an integral knowledge of your industry, you can take away much of that complexity, reducing the time and resources needed to secure high calibre members of staff.

DivalentineCalver takes the responsibility of sourcing your employees seriously. We understand the impact that outstanding team members can have on a business, and how detrimental poor employees can be. So we will only select candidates for you to review once they have surpassed our own high standards.

We also know that it’s vital to meet with our clients whenever possible, to truly appreciate your company culture, ethos and needs. We offer a traditional and personal service, hand selecting each candidate and matching them to the individual role that you need to fill.

Our client priorities:

  • Providing a recruitment service that saves you time and energy
  • Actively securing top level candidates that will add benefit to your business
  • Considering your company culture when matching applicants
  • Upholding the highest moral standards at all times – no bulk emails, spamming or approaching past successful candidates with new opportunities
  • Maintaining utter confidentiality and professionalism
  • Offering competitive terms and flexible rates

Contact Details

Essex: 0203 2430077
Heathrow: 01784 450 111
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